Remote Audio Recording Services

Birchwood Recording specializes in remote audio recording. We offer services from simple 2 channel of small ensembles or solo performances to 24 track recording for full orchestra's, soloists and full choirs. .

We also provide full editing, mastering and small run duplication services. We have 20 years of experience producing recordings and CD's of concerts, worship services, recitals, talks and auditions .

We offer multiple levels of service from simple archive recordings (no editing) to full editing and mastering of the recordings for CD's or streaming.


  • Auditions for colleges, festivals etc.
  • Talks including voice overs
  • School band, chorus or jazz concerts
  • Community chorus, orchestras, band concerts
  • Youth band, orchestra, chorus concerts
  • Sermons,lectures etc.
  • Worship services including worship groups, choirs, organ

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Please note, Birchwood Recording respects copyrights.